Kaseh Diberi

why must be~~

Be SHY? be SHAME? why?

owh..I can't write in english..owh I can't speech a long in english..
you are looser you know? What you shame for? pronounsation? your grammar?

> do you thing what I write or talk in english it's very well? huh..I don't think so..
> yes my classmate had laugh to me because in past trial, I was try to spell before I write in writing. Hah! that was bad thing? hey! I also got 64% for english paper you know!
> shame for what? shame to your self because you are scare to try it. Everybody laugh to me because I talk in broken english( in my dorm ), huh but I laugh to you because you'll scare to nothing!!

+ my lover reader, don't be shame to try something differ3nt. take this word, yes it's from Eric Cantona " when you grow-up, don't shame to try it. just do it". I put this word in my deep2 heart because I also in grow-up. grow to be a man, to be a people.

>Comment my writing please. I need you'll comment thx!<


MayoSapik said...

mengapa perlu malu,
persetankan sahaja yg memalukan kamu ituh

thaaqhib said...

saya sokong!!
they wacked everything minor~

Anonymous said...

ya3 rite2..
gud my kezen,
'shame',juz ign0re it..
ha3,i als0 can speak t0o!
even it s0unds so broken..
-tyra kezen mu-