Kaseh Diberi

~Holiday but Working~

Huh~~ what can I said. Now I'm free..not student any more, ops..mybe for a while. But I still happy with my title now..

Oh no, holiday just beginning, but my mom making noisy. "Na'im!! when you want to find a job? Dont 'terperuk2' at home!". Huh..for the first time you know. Before this, if I want to find a job my mom the one who evade me from to find job. Yes, everybody can change, I know it. But this time I really happy because my parent support me to find a job..

I'm grateful, yesterday I and Hasif Zul got a good job, but mybe for 1 month I think. Because the rate is very low price I think. Yes because we work for part-time not full-time worker. So, I want to find full-time job on first month 2009. I'm pray and hope I will get a good job and nice price. Owh yes I forgot, I want work at bookstore, but now it's full you no. Many shop I and Hasif ask for vacancy, they told, "Oh, now it's full", "Oh dek, why you late? Sorry now is full". Yes, it's very sad. But I fill it's very fun you know. Every shop was full with worker. Huh mybe I'm crazy on that time(but my friend said every time I'm crazy..huhuhu).

Yes2..Next week I will start that job..What job? If you hungry I will surve you. Let's talk..Eh no2. Let's work!! AhAks~~

See Ya!! Salam alaik~~


u m a i . said...

hahaha. habis spm dah die ;) lepas ni join lah aku kat iic sane nun. lame dah x lepak. boleh pegi mana-2 kedai kopi ali guar. seteguk dua cawan sambil berbual mungkin. haha.

Anonymous said...

mereka selalu kata yg orang yg kerja dengan bagus , akan blaja dengan bagus .

walauu apa pon yg dia kerja kan .

Anonymous said...

holiday la bang